Why is Routine Auto Maintenance so Important?

Why is Routine Auto Maintenance so Important?

Why is Routine Auto Maintenance so Important?In order to keep your car safe and reliable it is integral to stay up with its factory scheduled maintenance requirements. Automotive maintenance procedures cover many different facets of your vehicle's health to help accomplish one goal, ensuring your vehicle remains on the road without trouble. You can check your owner's manual to find out what scheduled car maintenance your vehicle needs, or contact a local auto shop for further information. In any case, never skip factory services, here's why!

Keeps You Vehicle Under Warranty

If your vehicle is under warranty it is highly likely that not performing scheduled maintenance will void it. To ensure you don't lose the coverage that your warranty provides stay up on your car's maintenance needs. Remember, you don't have to visit the expensive dealership for scheduled car services, you can trust a certified local auto shop to do the job - and save you money.

Auto Maintenance Prevents Breakdowns

Among the most important reasons to keep up with scheduled car maintenance is to ensure that the vehicle does not suffer unexpected breakdowns. As miles add up on a vehicle its parts and fluids begin to wear. Without proper maintenance, such as changing belts and hoses or completing fluid flush services, these parts and liquids could fail, resulting in a breakdown and the need for more expensive auto repair.

Auto Maintenance Saves Money

By fixing potential before they occur you can save on towing costs, more extensive auto repair work that will increase your final bill, and save time. Allowing your vehicle to fall into disrepair is going to take a toll on your wallet in the long run, so be sure to keep up with the following auto maintenance services, as well as any others required by your car or truck.

Oil Changes

Oil changes ensure that the car's engine is properly lubricated so that it can provide maximum performance. When old oil is drained from the engine it removes built up sludge that can result in massive drops in power and fuel economy. Always change your oil on time to ensure a healthy car motor.

Fluid Flush Services

Make sure your vehicle receives fresh fluid as necessary. Not performing a transmission fluid flush, coolant flush, brake fluid flush or other fluid change service as needed can spell disaster for any vehicle.

Timing Belt Replacement

If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt it is integral to have it changed at the suggested mileage point. Putting off timing belt replacement could allow for your car's belt to snap, which could result in the need for expensive engine repair.

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Posted: September 24, 2020

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