Ways to Cause Major Engine Problems

Ways to Cause Major Engine Problems

Ways to Cause Major Engine ProblemsTo reduce the risk of major engine trouble, you'll want to avoid certain bad driving habits. But if your car does show symptoms of an engine problem, it'll be best to get to the shop so the mechanic can address the issue before it escalates and costs more to fix. At Jerry's Auto Repair, our local mechanics are experts at conducting preventive engine maintenance, as well as engine repair. Here's a look at four bad driving habits that could result in serious engine trouble.

Ignore the Check Engine Light

An illuminated check engine light doesn't necessarily indicate that your engine is on the verge of total disaster. However, it's still smart to get to the shop so that computerized diagnostics can be completed. This way, any emerging issues can be addressed before they escalate.

Don't Keep Up with Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

You'll want to stay current with your 30/60/90k maintenance schedule so that your engine stays healthy and your warranty remains in good standing. Factory-scheduled maintenance includes important tasks like fluid and filter changes, as well as a visual inspection conducted by an experienced mechanic.

Don't Stay Current with Oil Changes

If you don't stay up-to-date with your oil change schedule, then insufficient lubrication could lead to your engine's moving parts suffering major damage. It's also important to drive with the right amount of clean oil so that heat is better redistributed from your combustion chamber. This will help to keep your engine at a safe temperature.

Ignore Symptoms of Engine Trouble

If you don't take action when you notice warning signs of an engine problem, then you run the risk of the issue worsening to the point that major repairs or replacement are needed. You'll want to get to the shop if you notice common symptoms of engine trouble such as knocking sounds, discolored exhaust smoke, power loss, and fluid leaks.

Engine Repair in Grandview, MO

When you need auto repair in Grandview and the surrounding area, contact Jerry's Auto Repair at (816) 722-2344. At our local auto shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: January 2022

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