6 Ways that Oil Changes Are Good for Your Engine

6 Ways that Oil Changes Are Good for Your Engine

Staying current with oil changes is one of the kindest things you can do for your engine. In most cases, conventional oil is supposed to be changed at some point between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, while you can go significantly longer before changing synthetic oil. Your owner's manual will provide you information on your vehicle's required oil type and oil change schedule. Or, you can simply ask someone at the shop for this info. Here are six reasons to always follow your oil change schedule.

Thorough Lubrication

The most important benefit of keeping up with oil changes is that it will help to ensure that your engine's moving parts stay fully lubricated. This will keep these parts protected from serious damage that friction could cause.

Replace Oil Filter

Oil filter replacement is a standard aspect of a full-service oil change. Because a clogged filter could prevent oil from properly moving through your engine, it's best to get a new filter every time your oil gets changed.

Get Rid of Engine Gunk

If you fall behind on your oil change schedule, there's a better chance that your oil will turn mucky due to a buildup of contaminants. When you get to the shop for an oil change, this polluted oil will be drained and your vehicle will be given fresh oil that'll keep your engine in better health.

Maximum Engine Power

Your engine can more easily attain optimal power when it's running with fresh oil. With more power, your vehicle will perform more efficiently, which could boost your MPGs.

Healthy Engine Temperature

With less friction there is less heat created. And with fresh oil, heat will be more easily redistributed from your combustion chamber, helping to keep your engine at a healthy temperature.

Identify Developing Engine Problems

When an ASE-certified mechanic does your oil change, it's more likely that emerging engine issues will be spotted. This is important because the issues can then be addressed before they escalate to the point that you have to pay for more expensive repairs.

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Posted: April 28, 2021

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