Common Signs that Your Alternator Is Failing

Common Signs that Your Alternator Is Failing

A healthy alternator plays a critical role in keeping your battery charged up and your vehicle running reliably. When an alternator malfunctions, the battery's power reserve is liable to become drained to the point that you end up stranded. Here are six symptoms of alternator trouble.

Dashboard Warning Light

An illuminated warning light is often the first sign of alternator trouble. This light commonly comes on in the form of letters that read ALT or GEN, or in the shape of a little battery. Whenever a warning light turns on, you'll want to soon figure what the issue is that's triggering it.

Dead Battery

A new battery should function reliably for three to five years. But if yours dies sooner, a faulty alternator could be to blame---unless of course you left your headlights on!

Problems with Headlights

Alternator problems can lead to erratic headlight behavior, such as flickering or dimming. This can create a significant safety hazard if you have to do nighttime driving on roads that aren't brightened by streetlights.

Electrical Accessory Issues

Modern vehicles are regularly equipped with computers that can calculate which electrical accessories should have their power decreased first when the alternator isn't working properly. This way, a greater amount of power is saved for your vehicle's most critical electrical functions. So if an accessory such as power seats is malfunctioning, this could be the reason for the trouble.

Belt Issue

If you think there might be an issue with your alternator, you can pop the hood and do a visual inspection. If you see a belt that is too loose, too tight, or cracking, then you may have found the cause of your alternator trouble.

Stalling Out

When an alternator malfunctions, your spark plugs may not receive adequate power, which could lead to your vehicle stalling out.

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Posted: February 23, 2021

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