Auto Diagnostics in Grandview, MO

Auto Diagnostics in Grandview, MO and Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Grandview, MOJerry's Auto Repair aims to provide fast and accurate car repair services. To do so, we've outfitted our local auto shop with the latest automotive diagnostic and repair technology. Our ASE certified technicians have access to all types of tools that allow us to look at, listen to and feel car problems like never before. When you combine this technology with our years of hands on experience, you can understand how we're able to deliver on our promise of excellent service. If your car is giving you any sort of trouble don't hesitate to contact us to schedule professional auto diagnostics in Grandview, MO, or the surrounding communities.

Computer Automotive Diagnostics

Our investment into the latest automotive scanning and diagnostic tools is an investment into providing better service for you. With this technology we are able to complete car diagnostics and repairs for all makes and models in an efficient and effective manner. When you encounter car trouble, trust our team to get to the bottom of it.

Check Engine Light & Dashboard Indicators

Your vehicle's dashboard is host to a variety of warning lights that are triggered by sensors located throughout your vehicle. These lights may include the ABS light (brakes), TPMS light (tire pressure monitoring system), ALT light (alternator), BAT light (battery), engine temperature light or the infamous check engine light. If any of these lights, or another dash warning light, comes on it is integral that you visit Jerry's Auto Repair for diagnostics and repairs in Grandview. The longer you put off car repair, the worse the problem will get.

Understanding the Signs of Car Trouble

While the latest technology is integral to solving many automotive problems, there are lots of issues that won't trigger any dashboard light. By paying attention to the sounds, feel and smells of your car you can often determine if an issue is present. If no warning light is on but you encounter weird car noises, odd car odors, a weird vibration in your vehicle or spot a vehicle fluid leak, be sure to come see us. Our team of ASE certified technicians will listen to your chief complaint and then complete thorough hands on diagnostics to determine exactly what is happening - then get it taken care of! We fix auto issues big and small!

Accurate Car Repair Estimates & Fast Service

Accurate Car Repair Estimates & Fast ServiceWe aim to be honest and upfront when it comes to car repair services. With our investment into the latest auto repair tech we are able to provide highly accurate car repair quotes for all types of issues. Once we have your approval to move forward with a repair, we'll do so quickly. In most cases we can get you back on the road with same day auto repair service. To learn more about our car shop, or to request an estimate for fast auto repair in Grandview, please give us a call or stop by.

Jerry's Auto Repair offers high quality automotive services that are backed by a nationwide warranty. You can feel good about visiting us, as only ASE certified technicians will be servicing your foreign or domestic car or truck. At the first sign of trouble, call (816) 722-2344 to schedule expert vehicle diagnostics in Grandview, MO, or the surrounding communities. Thanks for choosing Jerry's Auto Repair.

"Jerry's has always been a place for me and my grown adult children when needed. They are honest, hard working people. Let's continue to keep them in business!!!"

"You're not in business as long as Jerry has been without doing the job right the first time. This is my go to shop."

"I was able to get in the day my car needed a replacement part. They were very nice and not overpriced like some auto repair shops. Highly recommended."